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Aveo Engineering Announces FAA TSO for Ultra Wingtip Lights and Red Baron Anti-collision Beacon

October 3, 2012

Aveo Engineering is pleased to announce FAA TSO acceptance of their Ultra Galactica series of 2 and 3 function wingtip lights, and the Red Baron anti-collision beacon. Recently certified under TSO C30c and TSO 96a, these lights are now available for installation on most aircraft.

The Ultra wingtip lights combine red or green navigation, strobe, and rear white position lights, and the Ultra Embedded version removes the rear position light function in anticipation of being installed under a recessed wingtip lens. The Red Baron is suitable for fuselage or vertical stabilizer mounting, and all Aveo airframe lights are completely self contained with no external power supply needed.

Aveo Engineering has already developed a reputation with major civilian and military aircraft manufacturers for innovative airframe lighting solutions in nearly unbreakable, weather-proof encapsulation. This frees Aveo products from many of the things that plague other LED based airframe lighting solutions, such as internal moisture condensation, and fragile lenses prone to breakage and loss of clarity.

Most Aveo lighting products come with an unlimited, lifetime warranty should there ever be a failure due to any defect. “Should there ever be a problem that isn’t a result of something like abuse or a lightning strike,” says Aveo founder Christian Nielsen, “we simply swap out the unit for a new one. Fortunately, this is something we don’t have to do often, given our extreme level of reliability.”


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