The Aveo Difference

What makes aviation lights from Aveo Engineering different from all the others? It’s a good question. And there are so many answers, that we’ll address these differences one by one in this forum. It’s these differences that have many aircraft manufacturers worldwide rejecting outmoded designs, and now making the switch to airframe lighting from Aveo Engineering.

Building a superior airframe light means taking a fresh approach, without constraints from the designs and methods of the past. The improvements in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology have grown amazingly in the last several years, so much so that many competitors have jumped into using this technology without fully understanding it first. As efficient and simple as LEDs are, there’s a lot more to building a legal light that sticking a row of LEDs on a flat circuit board and applying the power.

One thing that hasn’t changed much, are the requirements for airframe lighting to meet all FAA minimums in the U.S. and the more stringent EASA standards internationally. Lights from Aveo Engineering not only meet these baseline requirements handily, but exceed them in most performance test categories. And this isn’t just wishful thinking on our part, Aveo lights have been tested and performance verified by highly respected independent labs AND even by our more sophisticated aerospace manufacturers who demand the highest levels of performance and ruggedness for their military customers.

Achieving this superior performance begins with a fresh design that embraces the very latest in LED technology and manufacturing techniques. The results are lights that weigh less, consume less power, are very quiet electrically, are amazingly bright, are sealed against the weather and internal condensation, and shrug off the effects of accidental impacts that instantly shatter legacy aircraft lights (and even some of the latest lights from our competitors).

We at Aveo Engineering are proud of our differences.  Brilliantly so.

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